Concessionaire’s FaultCause maybe due to:
Busted substandard pipes/materials, improper installation (flush toilet problem, unprescribed excavation depth, unprescribed jointing (use of tire cut-out when jointing, “bogkot system”, pilo-pilo practice”, unfixed dilapidated pipes
Percentage of Increase from the average consumptionPro-rated Deduction
200% and over45%
Adjustment shall be allowed or granted only to concessionaires once every after three (3) years regardless of the cause considered or classified under the concessionaires’ fault, to reckon from the date of the installation for new connection. For old or existing connection, reckoning date is from the date of rehabilitation.
Leaking caused by “close-open” practice of the curb cock done by concessionairesDamaged Angle Ball Meter Valve (ABMV) or Straight Meter Valve due to habitual “close-open” practice done by the consumer and leaking occurs directly from the ABMV or SMV that results to high billing.No adjustment shall be granted.
Replacement of the ABMV or SMV shall be borne by the consumer. Materials shall be purchased by the consumer and shall be installed by the office free of charge.
SFWD’s FaultIncludes the following:
Meter stand leaking
Water Meter malfunction
Adjustment would be based on the last six (6) months excluding the complained bill.NO LIMIT
Force MajeureHigh billing due to accidental events like leaking caused by unintentional/accidental forces beyond the control of the concessionaire, fortuitous events like flood, earthquake and fire.Adjustment would be the same with SFWD’s fault , if and only if the concessionaires could present a proof or evidence of the cause of leak/damage such as actual picture/footage when the incident happened, Barangay report and the like except in cases of fortuitous events.NO LIMIT

  1. Complaint shall be filed 2 days before the due date;
  2. Adjustment of bill shall apply once every three years.