SFWD History

San Francisco Water District was born on June 6, 1988 thru the effort and initiative of the Provincial Officials then. Its existence was formally recognized by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) when it was granted by the latter a certificate of conformance on May 22, 1989. SFWD’s coming into being was challenging and self-sacrificing for both the Management and the Board of Directors. As it was when the existing water system, which the district assumed from the Provincial Government, was on its height of dilapidation, and where consumers, dissatisfied of the extremely ailing system, expect an overnight cure.

Equipped and guided by the policies adopted by the Board, GM Luzon as the Interim General Manager started SFWD’s operation practically with nothing but dilidated pipelines. He manned the District with 6 employees, 3 in the office and 3 on the field with 250 concessionaires then. There were no office equipments and no working capital either. It was only pure determination and foresight that made SFWd’s gear moving.

The onset operation was characterized by controversies. The consumers openly resisted the metering program being implemented to regulate consumers use of water and for the system to gain pressure. Aside from that, they also opposed the new water rate established, thru the approval of LWUA, for the District to sustain its operational and maintenance requirements. But SFWD stood firm to its ground. The metering program, new water rate and other policies was firmly implemented.